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What is Data Scraping and how it can help your business?
Data scraping is the automated collection of information from various sites. Information can be text data, pictures, videos, and other files and information posted on the network. According to modern reality, any business must be able to exist both offline and online
Low-Code vs No-Code: What’s the Difference and When to Use What?
Low-code and No-code is an approach to creating, configuring, and modifying systems and applications that require virtually no coding. Low-code platforms use visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop functions instead of various programming languages.
10 Ways in Which Machine Learning Is Being Used Today
Machine learning (ML) is a subsection of computer science studying the ways of creating algorithms that can be trained. This domain represents a synthesis of mathematical statistics, optimization methods, and classical mathematical disciplines.
Which KPIs Do Most Businesses Need to Track and How It Can Help You Grow.
A Key Performance Indicator or KPI is a business indicator that shows the current level of performance of an individual employee, department, or company in achieving set goals. The goals set must be aligned with the business plans, provide customer loyalty and employees must understand how to achieve them. Only then can KPIs be applied that match the company's marketing strategy.
What Is an Integration and How You Can Automate Your Business Operations With It
The automation of business processes has always been a hot topic in business management. Manual processing takes a lot of resources and is known to be very costly. It delays business systems thus making them inefficient and hard to handle.
Most Popular UI/UX Design Tools in 2020
Top UI/UX Design Tools to Turn Your Design Ideas into Tech Masterpieces
8 Things to Consider When Creating Your Own App
It is expected that in the near future the income of the mobile application industry will reach an incredible figure of 189 billion dollars.
6 Effective Strategies For Monetizing Mobile Apps
According to Finances Online, in 2019, almost 6 million mobile applications were available for download. Of these, 2.57 million belonged to Google, 1.84 million - Apple, 669 thousand - Windows, 489 thousand - Amazon AppStore.
Creating a Chatbot
Virtual helpers, programs for imitation conversation, interlocutors, or digital assistants effectively help customers and in the business process. Chatbots make a separate niche.
7 CRM Features You Should Try Now
Now no one in business is not surprised by the CRM system. Each leader heard or already uses it in his company. Everyone is familiar with CRM functions and their capabilities. Well, if you are not familiar yet, then it's time to meet. Below we will introduce you to the basic functions of CRM and tell you about their use.
What is UI/UX design and how can it help your company?
All great products start with a great User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI). In a world where you're competing against the rest of the world, this is a critical part of your business/product.
The No-Code Generation is arriving
How the rise of no-code development is democratizing the internet