10 Ways in Which Machine Learning Is Being Used Today

Machine learning (ML) is a subsection of computer science studying the ways of creating algorithms that can be trained. This domain represents a synthesis of mathematical statistics, optimization methods, and classical mathematical disciplines. Although it is not just a theoretical science, it is a practical engineering sphere that is widely used in various domains, such as business automation, marketing, finances, medicine, and many others. In this article, you will receive more details about the fields of usage of machine learning.

Business automation

Today artificial intelligence is represented in all the fields of business. It helps to minimize the routine actions, optimize the usage of labor and material resources and improve the effectiveness of all the work processes. Artificial intelligence can handle such fields as data usage, reserve copying, coordination of workers' actions, protection against unauthorized access to information, some insider processes of infrastructure management, and other fields that don't require direct human intervention.

Usage in marketing

The application of ML can help to predict customers' behavior and manage the rest of the merchandise. While analyzing different factors like season, weather, and holidays, a trained algorithm can say what kind of goods are going to be the most demanded, when exactly, and in which amounts. AI can also create personalized ads and offer custom discounts to attract potential buyers. The usage of AI makes retail more effective and reduces supply gaps.

Creating a system of industry management

The use of machine learning combined with the application of detectors makes it possible to elaborate an industry management program. AI can optimize certain stages of production to reduce the time it takes, monitors the condition of the equipment, records its efficiency and workload. It can also reduce the percentage of defective products after analyzing the reasons which led to defect and working out some ways to avoid them.

Medical diagnostics and surgeries

If you load the results of medical research into a program that includes ML algorithms, the artificial intelligence will compose a full diagnosis, as well as a doctor. A trained algorithm that is used in ambulance call centers is capable to determine a heart attack while analyzing the replies of calling people, their voices, and breathing. ML technology allows medical robots to learn how to perform surgeries, some of them can do it with 85%-90% of accuracy.

Usage in logistics

Fuel wastes are one of the most costly charges in logistics, but the application of machine learning makes it possible to solve this problem. ML-using algorithms can optimize the routes or find a way to reduce the number of used cars while maintaining efficiency. Machine learning can also predict the risks of transportation, help to avoid them, and adjust the time of delivery after considering all the factors.

Usage in banks

Artificial intelligence is capable of reducing the application of bank workers while maintaining routine operations. For example, a trained algorithm can be taught how to evaluate the creditworthiness of the client. The computer composes the statistics according to the previous data of the customers: whether or not their loans were paid off, were there any delays or early payments. Machine learning can even fight against fraud: it determines the signs of a financial scam in the early stages and instantly blocks it.

Findings of new deposits

The difficulty of finding new deposits is one of the main issues of the oil and gas mining industry. But the usage of machine learning allows speeding up this process. According to the samples of oil or metal and the past data of deposits, an artificial intelligence composes modules that can predict with a high precision where to find new deposits. This revolutionary technology is widely used in worldwide corporations.


Some kinds of artificial intelligence can become interlocutors for you. Chatting with some of them is almost the same as talking to a real person. Chatbots are widespread in internet services, they often replace support service workers. They are also used in some apps and sites to filter spam and low-quality content.

Classification images

Classification images by categories is an easy task for a human, but not for a computer. Although machine learning can train algorithms to sort pictures and put marks on them. This technique is used by various services like photostocks, it allows sorting millions of images every single minute.

Neural networks

Some of the worldwide corporations, such as Google, use the technology of machine learning for leading deep researches associated with creating technologies that slow down aging, medical programs, and neural networks. One of the most interesting inventions is machines that can "dream" and create conceptual images.