7 CRM Features You Should Try Now

Now no one in business is not surprised by the CRM system. Each leader heard or already uses it in his company. Everyone is familiar with CRM functions and their capabilities. Well, if you are not familiar yet, then it's time to meet. Below we will introduce you to the basic functions of CRM and tell you about their use.

1. Management of the client base.

All CRM is definitely endowed with the possibility of maintaining a client base. This is the formation and storage of data on customers: the name, contacts for communication, the transaction on the client, and other important information. Convenient search for counterparties in CRM.

2. Work with customers.

Control of communication and work on the client. Fixing all changes to the counterparty card, comment, assigning tasks.

3. Work with transactions.

The system must have a convenient sales funnel, in which it would be possible to effectively lead and control the process of transition to stages. CRM has the ability to identify weak points in the transaction in time, change the work on the client, evaluate the potential for sale and control it.

4. Integration.

Integration with e-mail, website, IP telephony is the most important aspect. Thanks to the union, the efficiency of business management increases. Integration opportunities make interaction with clients successful and efficient.

5. Document proof.

The numerous number of files for counterparties makes us sometimes shudder, how to store them, how not to lose, and how to be aware of which file by which client. CRM allows you to upload and form all the necessary documents in the system easily and without more effort. Each file to a specific action and is not difficult to find in the system.

6. Automation of business processes.

Formation of cyclic tasks, setting up permanent buyers, automatic messages and letters, transition transactions from stage to a step under certain actions, getting applications from the site, social networks to the sales funnel. All this is not difficult to configure, thereby cutting the time for routine operations.

7. Automatic reports.

Forget about the formation of reports manually. CRM will make all the work for you. You can easily view any result and statistics in CRM reports. You only need to select a date, manager, or department of the company, a funnel, and the system will immediately give you a final report.

All these functions are present in almost every CRM. And if you are in search of an ideal solution now, then focus on them. Choose the system where you will find all these features. And then the success and growth of the company are provided.

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