Creating a Chatbot

Virtual helpers, programs for imitation conversation, interlocutors, or digital assistants effectively help customers and in the business process. Chatbots make a separate niche. Contribute to the organization of communication with the consumer. Online technology of this class solves the problems which the client may face when ordering, using services, goods.

What are the chatbot and its advantages?

The popularity of chatbots or, in other words, virtual assistants increased five times. The use of such technologies helps companies increase service levels reduce the financing of call centers. Simplification of communication with customers is similar to contact with live people. The interlocutor's robots are regularly upgraded. The benefit of chatbots for many is more than understandable.

1. Increased customer interest. It is easier to keep a conversation on the ready template: several options for answers and questions are proposed. The answer gets immediately. You can use voice messages (provided that the bot recognizes speech).

2. The bots do not replace people. In case of complex situations, it is redirected to the manager. The necessary information has already been collected, which will help to quickly understand the problem situation. Despite the fact that new technologies already have artificial intelligence, the main thing remains the person.

3. Reducing operating costs. No matter how many customers, customers from the company, on average, the number of appeals per year is more than 260 billion. Workers of the call centers do not always withstand the psychological stress, which leads to trouble, regular search for employees. The chatbot does not require a salary, it is not able to heat or quit.

4. The proposal of progressive possibilities. The processed program contributes to improving sales, saves information about contacting and requesting the request. The speed of processing information is higher, more precisely.

5. Robot is calm, configured friendly. The program is designed in such a way that contact with the audience is not annoying the client.

Main types

There are only two types of chatbots and seven platforms with an English interface language to create an assistant.

The first type is a program that has a fixed database that is programmed to a limited range of behavior patterns.

The second is the basis of artificial intelligence. This helps the program in the course of working and manage independently databases.