Most Popular UI/UX Design Tools in 2020

Thanks to the multiple prototyping tools widely available today, designers get an easy and effective way to demonstrate the interactivity of their designs on the highest level. If you are after the most popular Ul/UX design tools, you are welcome to our chart of top tools you can use for your product or design concept.


Simple in its use and user-friendly with its design, this UI/UX Design tool will be a great asset in creating a realistic interface. It comes with pre-built templates, as well as unlimited stock images and icons, an iOS tool, and a Sketch plugin. So, it becomes straightforward to build interactive mockups aimed at realizing your designer ideas. Whether you need a special tool to build a prototype for Apple, Android, or Desktop products, Marvel will meet your requirements.

At Marvel workspace, you will get an opportunity to validate every phase of your design process. It's great especially for product teams, agencies, enterprises, freelancers, and simply all those who have something visual on the web.

Adobe XD

Another grandiose UI/UX design tool that you will take for granted is Adobe XD. This is an all-in-one prototyping tool designed for interactive prototypes, wireframes, games, website designs, voice interfaces, mobile apps, and so much more! Multiple teams can work together in real-time and get worthwhile feedback from their clients directly.

This tool applies to Windows and Mac OS. If you have been using another Adobe product (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.), be aware that Adobe XD supports a spotless integration with any of them.

Axure RP

Axure RP design tool best suits professionals thanks to the dynamic content functions and superb functionality it has. This tool delivers standout prototyping with adaptive views and conditional logic statements. With all this in mind, we can't but state the UI/UX design tool helps designers to create interactive prototypes in detail.

Other target spheres of Axure RP are automated headlines, comprehensive documentation, etc.


World-leading enterprises and designers will state that InVision is the most valuable prototyping tool they use. Being compatible with numerous types of files, the tool allows one to scheme a high-fidelity prototype effortlessly. It features a click-and-drag function that makes the process of working not only efficient but also straightforward. The background eraser, meanwhile, enables one to add any transitions and animations on uploaded transparent images.

If you are concerned about project collaboration with InVision, let us explain how proficient teamwork can be with this tool. It enables the whole team to see any real-time changes made on the design, collect comments and feedback instantly. The drag-and-drop workflow is to be used when organizing the design list for extra convenience.

So, with a solid reputation, millions of successfully fulfilled projects, and constant improvement for even more efficient results, InVision has the right to be called truly a worthwhile design tool.


Webflow is a unique design tool that enables specialists to design a prototype and build a live website at the same time. It got its popularity thanks to the creation of quickly responsive sites with zero codings. It comes with a bunch of pre-built elements that enable the conversion of high-fidelity prototypes into a website to produce by making a single click. The semantic code of this design tool is simple which greatly boosts the speed of the work for developers. For you just to imagine the effectiveness and popularity of Webflow, such tech giants as NASA and Giants Dell trust Webflow.

Origami Studio

Initially created and used by Facebook designers, the Origami Studio tool has passed a long way of enhancement since then. In the quite rich market of prototyping tools, Origami Studio managed to establish a name of a prominent tool especially thanks to the assistance in creating such known apps as Twitter and Messenger. It comes with pre-built components intended to create exquisite prototypes. The concentration of the tool is mainly focused on powerful animations. It can convert visual designs to written codes thanks to its unique brand function "export code".

Like many other popular UI/UX design tools, Origami Studio offers a platform to share and preview any prototypes created. It's named Origami Live.


Among the most actively used prototyping and user interface tools, we can mention Sketch. This vector-based tool features an intuitive interface for editing sizing, styling, layouts. You will be amazed at the diversity of gradient fills, borders, blending modes, and plenty of other attributes. The design process is described as very smooth and seamless by millions of users worldwide. A couple of minutes will be enough for any designer to build a quality prototype.

So, if you dream of turning your ideas into fabulous artwork, Sketch is just right for you. It supports many plugins, thus is highly flexible.