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Intuitive UI

Intuitive user interface for building complex AI applications on top of OpenAI.

Fine-Tune with CSV

To generate accurate results, fine-tune your model using the relevant data in your CSV file, with two or more columns.

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See the cost of fine-tuning before proceeding
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Works with two or more columns
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No coding required
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JSON Format

When you select multiple columns for prompt or completion, they will be converted into JSON format automatically, which enables you to obtain structured data from OpenAI.

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Simple user interface to test your models
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Supports both prompt and completion
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Predictable format every time
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Any Integrations

JSON format is a widely used data interchange format that is supported by most integrations, modern programming languages and web APIs.

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Interface directly with OpenAI API
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Integrate with Zapier, and more
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Long-term Memory

Powered by Embeddings & ChatGPT. Long-term memory enable storing and extracting data based on text similarity. Store and retrieve data with text, CSV or through API.

Simple user interface to upload you data
API integration to search for top results
Share your knowledge base with a URL
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OpenAI Use Cases

Get inspired by this list of products powered by OpenAI


AI assistant for software developers. Code faster with whole-line & full-function code completions.


Jasper is the AI Content Platform that helps you create original content 10X faster.


AI helps your visualize and communicate ideas effortlessly. No design experience required!

Lavender AI

Helps you get more replies in less time. It's everything you need to personalize faster, write more impactful emails.


Keeper is delightfully smart tax filing software, especially for people with 1099 contracting & freelance income.

Fireflies AI

Record, transcribe, and search across your voice conversations. Powered by GPT & Embeddings.

AI That Can Do It All

From writing poems to writing code, AI proved that it's capable of handling complex business use cases. Join us to automate your business with AI.

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Data Transformation

Examples: Extract JSON from HTML, clean up datasets, combine multiple items into one...etc

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Advanced Chatbot

Control the various parameters associated with constructing sophisticated chatbots.

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API Integrations

Fine-tuning models that support JSON format allows integrations with thousands of APIs.

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And much more

Every business has its own challenges that AI can help solve.