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We use AI & ML to automatically process your documents so you don't have to do it manually.

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1. Pre-Processing

One gateway connecting all your existing inboxes, scanners and document management systems, resulting in accurate document intake. 

Email (Gmail/Outlook)
API (Trudo & Zapier)
File Management (Drive, Box, OneDrive)
File Uploads (S3, forms...etc)
Document Scanners
Physical Documents

2. Capture Data

Use AI/ML technology to capture data from any type of document to get the data you need in a fast and accurate way.

Accounts Payable / Receivable, Receipts
Legal documents, Client billing
Delivery Notes, Purchase orders
Credit Reports (TransUnion/Experian)
IRS Forms, Tax Returns
Linkedin, Resumes or Any other documents

3. Validate (optional)

Use Trudo Dashboard to validate data before sending it to a destination. Set confidence threshold to ensure that data is accurate before it is sent to post-processing.

4. Post-Processing

Automatically handle extracted data in a way that meets your needs, so you don't have to do manual tasks like calculations, sorting, or email follow-ups on processed documents. More integrations to make your workflow smoother.

Any integrations via API, Zapper | RapidAPI
Accounting software
Multiple CRM Systems
File Management (Drive, Box, OneDrive)
Email: Gmail, Outlook and others
Slack, Twilio, Telegram

5. Integrations

The current trend in No-Code/Low-code allows us to offer better prices, faster development speed and high quality products every time. You can expect:

Fast Delivery: 3-7 weeks
Affordable price
Reliable & Scalable solutions
Easy Changebility
Integrations between your other product
Top security & much more
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